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EXA World “Travelers Club”

It is your smart way to book your hotel stay and to avoid wasting your time and money.

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Members Benefits

Unlimited Travel Points And Rewards

Up To 50% OFF, In Our Luxury Hotels price.

Maximum Each Booking For 18 Person and Up to 3 Rooms Per Night.

1 – 5 Star Worldwide Hotels & Resorts.

Joining our Tiers Rewards Program.

Personal Virtual Account.

Opportunity to Save Your Money & Earn Rewards.

Earn Travel Points While You Travel.

Earn 10 Travel Points on Each Night You Book (Cashback offer).

Earn 40 Travel Points Each Time You Invite A Friend.

Earn 10 Travel Points Each Time Your Friends Invite A Friend.

Earn 500 Travel Points from Bronze Tier Rewards.

Earn 7,000 Travel Points From Silver Tier Rewards.

Achieve Next Tier And double Your Rewards.

Each Travel Point Equals $1 USD

All These Benefits and MORE

For Only $299

All These Benefits and MORE

For Only $299

What can I do with My Travel Points?

Pay your hotel room cost.

You can convert them to E-Voucher and gift it to friends.

You can pay out the annual subscription.

You can redeem 50% of "Tier Rewards" into cash, deposit to your bank account. Starting when achieving your Silver Tier Rewards.

You can pay the domestic and international flight tickets. After adding the possibility of booking flight on site.

Exclusive offers to the most desirable destinations

Invite Your Friends…

In our daily life, we recommend products and services to our friends, colleagues, and family members which we like. We use the same word-of-mouth referral system to form a “Travelers Club” rewards plan to reward our members who travel with us and who promote our products and services. Please note that we do not compel anyone to promote our services, it’s truly optional for a consumer to decide whether to promote us or not after they satisfied with our services.